Introduced25/02/201522/05/201520152015HB 3136Veh Cd-Autonomous VehiclesHousePendingSenate Third Reading"Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code and creates a new Chapter on autonomous vehicles. Defines the terms, "autonomous technology", "autonomous vehicle", "Secretary", "operator", and "manufacturer". Provides for the operation of autonomous vehicles on public roads for testing purposes. Provides that an autonomous vehicle shall not be driven for other than testing purposes unless the manufacturer submits an application meeting certain requirements, and that application is approved by the Secretary of State. Requires the Secretary to adopt regulations setting forth requirements for the submission of evidence of insurance, surety bond, or self-insurance, and the submission and approval of an application to operate an autonomous vehicle. Provides that the Secretary shall approve an application if the applicant has submitted all information and completed testing necessary to satisfy the Secretary that the autonomous vehicles are safe to operate on public roads and the applicant has complied with all requirements specified in the regulations adopted by the Secretary. Allows the Secretary to establish additional requirements by the adoption of regulations that he or she deems necessary to ensure the safe operation of autonomous vehicles on public roads. Allows the Secretary to promulgate regulations to assess a fee upon a manufacturer that submits an application to operate autonomous vehicles on public roads in an amount necessary to recover all costs reasonably incurred by the Secretary."